Do we really need an ‘I am Legend’ sequel?

News today that a sequel to ‘I Am Legend’ is in development.

This may be great news to many who saw the movie, but anyone who has seen the 2007 Will Smith vehicle may be confused as to how a sequel will work. Details are still sketchy, and may well somehow be a prequel?

I am a great fan of the book, but the film (although entertaining enough), left me feeling really  disappointed, with some shockingly bad CG bloodthirsty beasties and a poor ending, completely unrelated to a much more fitting ending in the book. But how many times has a movie taken liberties and digressed from the literary source?

I personally cannot see how a prequel or sequel will add anything new to the ‘I Am Legend’ story, which probably should be left as a solitary piece of work.

It may be best to one day remake it again, as Will’s 2007 effort, or the even worse Charlton Heston 1971 entry, ‘The Omega Man’ (never seen ‘The Last Man On Earth’ starring Vincent Price) have not done justice to what is regarding as a Sci-fi masterwork.

If you have never read the book, do so!

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