Transformers 4 to be directed by Michael Bay…hmmmm!

No more pleeeeeease, I surrender!!!

News online today that Michael Bay will return to direct a fourth Transformers Movie.

Good news to my ears (and retinas) this is not!

I really liked the first Transformers Movie but the bot-bashing got pretty boring and the disappointment that was ‘Revenge of the Fallen’ didn’t whet the appetite for a third outing, which was only a minor improvement.

But the populous speaks and the returns made on the franchise so far cannot be scoffed at so it comes as no surprise that a fourth instalment will arrive in 2014, which will likely come as good news to many who love metal-mashing chaos.

All that said, I still have a soft spot for Transformers and hope that with a fourth outing, Bay can somehow discover the heart and charm of the first movie with a fresh direction and possible reboot rather than a continuation of the existing storyline.


3 responses to “Transformers 4 to be directed by Michael Bay…hmmmm!

  1. Hopefully it will be good, but we will wait and see, this is what Lorenzo di Bonaventura said

    Speaking to MTV, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura used the term “reboot” to describe this planned fourth Transformers, but later clarified that it’s more of “an evolution”–like the evolution of cars from four-wheeled vehicle to upright, bipedal robot. Contrasting this reboot with the recently-overhauled Spider-Man franchise, di Bonaventura made clear that there will be a continuity with the original films, and we can still expect to see such popular cars and trucks as Optimus Prime and Bumblebee in the brief moments when they’re recognizably static on the screen. It will, however, have “a whole new story,” rather than the… uh… currently established motives for all the clanging, whatever that may be. I sort of lost track.

  2. Sadly Michael bay does stil get to make awful movies case in point the island on itv2 hd now. Awful movie that makes mcgregor look amateur(which he s not, he s effin obi wan) that is how bad bay is. Jamie you can rest your caseq

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