Review : The Muppets

Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear and the gang return after ten years to find that they are not famous anymore – what!?

Gary (Jason Segel) and Mary (Amy Adams) are going to Los Angeles to celebrate their 10th Anniversary with Muppet brother, Walter when visiting the Muppets studio tour; they uncover a dastardly plot by Oil Baron Tex Richman (genius!) to level the old Muppet Theatre. With the help of the three friends, Kermit the frog must try to get the posse back together to perform a telethon in order raise the $20m to save the theatre and reunite ‘The Muppets’.

Cue chaos, impromptu song and dance numbers and the hallmark qualities of friendship and fellowship that we have come to expect from the Muppet movies.

To be watching The Muppets on screen again is at first a curious thing.

In the age of high tech fun for children, can the Muppet’s low tech proposition offer new appeal to the Pixar generation of kids? The grandmasters of pixels; Disney, seem to think so and watching The Muppets return to the big screen, seems more surreal and as big a chaotic departure than ever with animated pixels searing our retinas so regularly now for fifteen years since Toy Story changed the game.

But as many thirty or forty something’s well know, and who will surely give The Muppets a look, The Muppets is as much for them as it is for a new generation, and any adult seeing the Muppets return will testify that to the heart felt warmth of seeing their childhood heroes once more.

With such a swelling to now saturation point of the animated pixel genre, the Muppets couldn’t come at a better time and prove conclusively yet again, that traditional virtues and themes tell a story worth telling, no matter what the medium. The granddaddy of pixel perfection, Toy Story; does this better than any of its ilk, and shares the same qualities as the furry, tangible Muppets.

What no Pixel film can do is create the shear palpable chaos of The Muppets, no more so embodied by the returning ‘Animal’; many people’s favourite and certainly mine, who has hilariously ended up institutionalised with Jack Black, appearing  as one of the films many ‘human’ cameo performers.

The Muppet show so fondly remembered by many, was just a half hour of child (and adult) friendly bedlam and revisiting The Muppets once more makes us all become an unreserved eight year old again.

All the old faces are here and some new ones, with alter egos the ‘Moopets’ and Walter expanding the Muppet team sheet. Kermit’s mission of reuniting the Muppets with the use of a montage is the films funniest sequence as we are provided with hilarious insights into where the Muppets ended up in their all too human places and there are some hilarious encounters and musical interludes on the way. The number ‘Am I a man or a Muppet?’ will stay with you long after you leave the theatre!

The Muppets is a genuinely heart-warming and hilarious riot, which lives up to all the expectations of a Muppet movie.

Don’t be a Muppet, be a man – go see it!


3 responses to “Review : The Muppets

  1. I for one certainly plans to go and see it. Growing up with the Muppets every Saturday early evening brings back fond memories and certainly a few giggles. Seeing the Kermit and Muss Piggy on/off relationship is hilarious. Animal with his set of drums bashing away like there’s no tomorrow, the two grumpy old men moaning away in the balcony! Love it! I would live to see my niece (11) and my nephew (4) embrace the Muppets. I think they would enjoy them. Like you say, if the story of friendship and fellowship with a dash of mayhem and confusion with laughs, song and dance, then a new generation of fans will certainly be born. The Muppets are genuinely good and they are not out to earn a quick buck, not brash, or overbearing. They rock and I hope live on for many more years to come. 🙂

    • you know we both were buzzing on sunday. we have been singing the tune since and am i a man or a muppet! it was ace to not be watching a pixar film as a nice change and i cannot see how kids now wouldnt lap it up. i am gonna go again and maybe take my daughter next time, yes we didnt take any kids but we didnt care! go watch it!

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