‘Legacy’ trailer launches to take the ‘Bourne’ franchise in new, believable direction minus Damon

The first trailer for The Bourne Legacy has aired online, taking the series into a new direction, with an all new splinter story, starring Jeremy Renner as Agent Cross.

I feared the franchise may not survive the loss of Matt Damon as Jason Bourne but with the story turning and developing on the theme of ‘there was never just one’ tagline, we can behold a new and exciting parallel story it would seem, that is sure to flesh out a believable premise with a new face and a new character, as opposed to Renner filling Damon’s sizable boots in a continuation of Bourne’s own saga.

For me this is a welcome direction to go as taking such an iconic character and replacing the face takes some adjusting to and whets the appetite for the return of Damon as Jason Bourne, someday perhaps.

I am sure Renner  can seamlessly fill the lead role convincingly enough to uphold the sterling ‘Legacy’ of the Bourne saga after his turns in ‘The Hurt Locker’, ‘Mission Impossible 4’ and this year’s juggernaut, ‘The Avengers’

It looks too as though many familiar faces return to bridge the gaps and with Edward Norton on board, great things await us when ‘The Bourne Legacy’ hits cinemas in August this year.

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