‘Something for the weekend’

Friday night is here, some of you may be going out, some of you may be having a chilled night in, here is my weekly round up of what’s new in movies for your consideration…

Star Wars Episode 1 : The Phantom Menace gets a re-release in glorious 3D this weekend, check it out! I saw it last night and  I can recommend a revisit. Keep a look out for my review coming very soon!

The Muppets also return to cinemas this weekend, I’m gonna try and check it out this weekend.

Battle: Los Angeles premieres on Sky Movies, starring Aaron Eckhart battling alien invaders, along with The Lincoln Lawyer starring Matthew McConaughey as a high profile lawyer who takes on a dangerous case.

For the ladies (and maybe boys) Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason on saturday night on ITV1 and for a bit of mindless action, Alien v Predator on Channel 4 also  on Saturday night.

The highlight of the weekend though for any Movie buff will be this year’s British Academy Film Awards (BAFTAs) hosted by the always classy Stephen Fry, sunday 9pm on BBC1.

Enjoy your weekend and thank you for visiting claratsimovieblog.com!


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