‘Food’ for thought – reasons to buy popcorn!

I cannot tell you how excited I am about the prospect of going to see Episode 1 in 3D this week at my local cinema. It will be cool to be able to watch Star Wars once more on the big screen, my most favourite place to watch any movie!

With the advances in home entertainment and the rising cost of going to cinema we’re not going as much as we used to.  Attendances dropped 20% in 2011!

3D is not just a new way of watching great films, but also a bit of a gimmick too to get you into the cinema. I am not the biggest fan of 3D if truth be told and have no desire to wear 3D ‘goggles’ in my living room, but I can appreciate a good marketing ploy, and the prospect of 3D in a Star Wars movie does whet the appetite that bit more than just going back to review a film nearly thirteen years old; it IS literally adding another dimension that will hopefully make my visit worthwhile and have me happily parting with my cash.

Another ‘complaint’ (from my beloved, mostly) I often hear is the price of food and drink; now, yes it is a bit much to pay a fiver for a hotdog or popcorn; and yes, these items have massive mark ups, but there is a reason for this, as the very narrow margin cinemas make on the actual ticket price means that they have got to make money somewhere. If you love cinema, and if you choose to pay for extras, then you are probably doing more than many to keep your cinema going. There is no better way to see a movie than by experiencing the spectacle on the big screen, keep that in mind next time you’re chewing on your (hotdog) sausage!


2 responses to “‘Food’ for thought – reasons to buy popcorn!

  1. I will think about this next time I’m chewing my sausage but I don’t think you will ever convince me that eight quid for a popcorn and bucket of carbonated cr@p is acceptable.

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