“3D or not 3D – that is the question”

3D - Star Wars: Episode 1 (U)

This week sees the release of Star Wars Episode 1 3D (ooooooooo!!!) in cinemas. Now, as exciting as this undoubtedly is, I am filled with some trepidation giving how poor of quality post production 3D has been when it has been ‘bolted on’ an original format of 2D. I am not certain how the 3D transfer has been applied to Episode 1, but the only time I have seen 3D work so far was in ‘Avatar’ which was filmed in 3D! I thought at the original release and still think that Episode 1 is a bit of a gem and without having to live up to the legacy of the original trilogy coming after a sixteen year gap, it would have been more revered. It was probably always onto a hiding to nothing and all the Jar Jar bashing aside, you cannot argue that episode 1 has some of the complete saga’s landmark moments, the pod race is brilliant and the finale gives us one of the best Light-sabre battles of the whole series. George Lucas is no stranger to tweaking and squeezing the most out of the franchise and we all keep coming back for more, but will this re-release in spanking 3D allow us to appreciate Episode 1 the more, now nearly thirteen years after its much anticipated original release, or has Lucas’s medalling gone too far?

It will be great to see Star Wars back on the big screen, where it is always enjoyed best!

Thoughts? – comment below.


2 responses to ““3D or not 3D – that is the question”

  1. Lucas is medalling to much now, Ja Ja binks was bad enough in 2D how much worse is he going to be in 3D?? ……….answer, alot.
    I agree Star Wars belongs on the big screen, but does it really need to be in 3D the 2D version is just as good, when put on a decent screen in full THX surround sound it rocks. I cannot see Episode One being any better with a 3D effect layered on it, if Lucas wanted it in 3D he should have waited and filmed it in 3D

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