For Matt: A very short review of ‘Limitless’

Starring Bradley Cooper and ‘Bob’ De Niro, ‘Limitless’ tells the story of a struggling writer who through an old friend gets his hands on a brain enhancing superdrug which turns everything around and upside-down. Now, I watched limitless a few weeks ago and it was so dispensable i have not even thought to write a review of it! That said, and in reply to Matt Hughes comments, you are quite right and i agree that surely the human brain cannot take such an artificial enhancement without inevitable consequences, as so proves the case.

‘Limitless'(on any intended serious level) then turns out to be cautionary tale perhaps, that you shouldn’t mess with evolution, but is toned in such a way that its not going to stay with you for too long. Its a fun trip worth going along with. I enjoyed ‘Limitless’, leave your ‘brain’ at the door and you will too!


Worth a look!

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