Do we really need CGI?

Troll Hunter got me thinking about the quality of CGI and how much CG can make or break a film.

Now the CG in Troll Hunter is exceptional and used sparingly and is blended well with the live action, but how many films now seem to overuse it?

I was kindly gifted The Star Wars saga box set on Blu-ray for Christmas and I got to say, for how much crap those prequels took they were nowhere near as bad what was made, but the CG now looks slightly tired and is massively overused, often dispelling belief in what you are seeing rather than creating a believable world; Overuse being the bigger issue rather than the quality as we can all except that technology moves on and ups the game.

Now I am a fan of Avatar but can anyone now viewing with a critical eye really say that that film doesn’t look slightly dated already? And when watching it do you truly believe your eyes? That whole world is generated and when it does briefly mix with the real, it’s clumsy.

Point is; CG and an overreliance on it can make a good move looked dated very quickly but has this always been the case?

The Lord of the Rings movies for example have dated very well, now over ten years since the release of the Fellowship of the Ring, it used grand and real sets and landscapes populated by real beings and used superb quality CG sparingly.

Comments? – What are the best and worst examples of CGI you have seen?


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